Cabinet Features

Soft Close

All our cabinets come with “soft close” technology, which prevents doors from slamming.  Throw that door closed and it will gently shut on it’s own.  Come by our showroom and try for yourself.

High Quality Materials

We source our wood from the best sources on this planet.  We offer high quality wood from the USA, Switzerland, Spain and others.  We make sure that our wood is Carb2 Compliant and durable.

Blum Accessories

Blum makes the best accessories in the business.  High quality, stainless steel  components are the glue that keeps our cabinets lasting for years.

Layered Design

We layer our wood to offer the best of quality and cost.  Solid wood is expensive and not the best option for our earth’s limited resources.  By layering high quality materials with a top layer, we can offer the same low cost cabinets in endless textures and colors.

Precision Cut

Every piece we cut comes out exactly the same.  We want our cabinets to snugly fit into your custom sized kitchen or space.  We use state of the art machinery and technology from Germany to produce consistent quality for less.


Our cabinets are strong.  They don’t disintegrate over time like cheap cabinet super stores (that sound like “why-kea”).  Avoid assembly nightmares.  Get Quality.

Eco Friendly

We take our Carb2 Compliance seriously. We look for wood that is certified eco-friendly.  As a company we have a responsibly to help our environment for future generations to come.


Magnetic child-proof cabinet locks, foam bumpers, and furniture anchors, are just some of the ways we take care of our loved ones.