Cabinet Hardware: the Right Knobs & Pulls

Cabinet Hardware

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Cabinet hardware are the items you attach to your cabinets and drawers. These include pulls, knobs, hinges, latches, drawer slides, and other accessories that open and close your cabinets. While cabinet hardware primarily has the purpose of functionality, it can also set the tone for your space’s design style. It provides the finishing touch that can make or break the overall look of your kitchen. Selecting the right hardware can make a significant impact on your cabinets and can elevate the room effortlessly.

Often called the “Jewelry of the Kitchen”, cabinet hardware compliments your designs and enhances the overall theme of your space. Order some samples and trying them on to find the right fit for both your functional and aesthetic needs. Here are some insights on how you can choose the right cabinet hardware that are both functional and good-looking.


Styling Cabinet Hardware

What type of hardware is the most suited to your needs? Would a knob, a pull, or maybe a combination of both would work best? Many people use knobs for drawers and pulls for doors, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Think about how you can get the most functionality out of your hardware, taking into consideration your personality and lifestyle.

After deciding the type of hardware, you can then choose the style. Ask yourself while looking at your options, “Does this go well with my overall kitchen design?”. There are designs and textures that go well with one design but look out of place in others. Simple hardware with long simple lines fit contemporary spaces, and ornate hardware fit traditional spaces. There are also options available for rustic, transitional, and other themes as well.


Cabinet Hardware Fit and Finish

Aside from looks and design, make sure to assess them on their quality and feel as well. It makes a big difference when the material and finish fits with its panels and compliments the overall theme. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t mix hardware with different finishes and metals! There are conventions to designs, but ultimately your personal design choices must be reflected in your space.

Quality is a priority, too. Investing in well-made, durable hardware made of quality materials helps ensure repair and maintenance costs remain low. Make sure chosen hardware can withstand wear and tear from everyday use. Internal hardware should be smoothly functional too, since you’ll be using it every day. While quality is not necessarily directly proportional to cost, with cabinet hardware being used frequently, oftentimes you get what you pay for. Many brands may offer inexpensive hardware, but it may come at the cost of durability. One saying in cabinetry is that more materials equal greater cost, so longer pulls can cost more than shorter ones. Another factor for cost is finish, as well as the materials used.


Sizing Cabinet Hardware

The most important step before you start your project is to measure everything. Cabinets come in a variety of sizes, so you should make sure Cabinet Hardware remains proportional. There is no set rule to this, but generally speaking, you can follow the following estimates:

  • Generally, the pull-to-drawer ratio should be 1:3.
  • For 12” or less sized drawers, a 3” to 4” pull or 1” knob works well.
  • For drawers between 12” and 30” in size, a 4” to 8” long pull or a knob between 1” and 1.5” in diameter is suggested.
  • Drawers that are 30” to 48” in size require pulls that are longer than 8” or knob that have a 1” diameter or greater. For large drawers like this, using two pulls or knobs works great as well.

If you are renovating, start with getting the larger pieces first before proceeding to the smaller accessories. The accessories should complement the design elements, and the theme of your whole space down to the details. We recommend getting a few extra pieces of hardware just to replace worn out ones over time.


Your House, Your Choice

These tips and suggestions only serve as a guide, not absolute rules to follow. If you don’t agree with some of the conventions, you can even break them! Hesti Cabinets is all about customization and we can help you through the entire process. Ultimately, every room has a different vibe and thus has different requirements. Trying different things out might be the best way find something that works perfectly for you.



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