Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets: 6 DIY Tips and Tricks

Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

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Our needs evolve through time, but our space – not so much. One specific area that has the most potential for change is your kitchen cabinets. While Hesti Cabinet can help you with remodeling your kitchen, we can also provide DIY tips for projects you’d wish to complete from the comfort of your own home! To help get you started on your next DIY project, here are some tips and tricks to refurbish and upgrade your kitchen cabinets.


The first thing you should do to upgrade kitchen cabinets is simply to give it that much needed cleaning! Years of collected dust and grime may diminish the way your cabinets look, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a boost a good cleaning with proper products will give to the way your kitchen looks.


Breathe new life into your old cabinets by spicing it up with a pop of color! Add a dash of personality to your cabinets by playing with vibrant colors or cool tones that would accentuate your space. You can also do this on the interior of your cabinets for that peep of color.

Mismatch upper and lower cabinets

Achieve that high-end, sophisticated look by painting contrasting colors to your upper and lower cabinets! You can also mix and match prints and patterns with solid colors for the aesthetic.

Pro-tip: For renter friendly color modifications, you can use removable wallpapers instead of paint. If you’re feeling crafty, multicolored washi tapes can be used too!

Refacing Cabinets

Tired of the way your cabinets look? Don’t get rid of them and buy new ones right away! Instead, you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets just by refacing your doors and accessorizing. You can also try putting in glass door inserts to open space in your cabinets visually. Some other options are to improvise by using metal grills or wires instead of glass for your door inserts.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

“Accessorize” your cabinets by changing your cabinet handles or pulls to give them a fresh modern look! Choose new components that would fit your overall theme without compromising its original design. You can also change door hinges while refurbishing old cabinets.

Pro-tip: Measure your old handles and get new ones that have the same measurements, so you won’t have to drill new holes on your cabinet doors.

Modifying Cabinets

To emphasize the illusion of space, try removing your cabinet doors for a clean open-cabinet look. Additionally, installing crown molding on your builder type cabinets can further enhance their look. You can hire experienced carpenters and builders that specialize in moldings to get a bespoke and seamless result.

Not only can an open-cabinet style give your space a modern look, but under-cabinet lighting can also make navigating through storage spaces a breeze as well.


Boost your organization game by installing any of these in your cabinets and drawers: pull out shelves, sliding shelves, drawer dividers, and peg organizers. To provide more storage without expanding your cabinets too much, you can hang storage shelves on your cabinet doors or under your cabinets.

These are usually removable and can be easily stored away once you move so you won’t break your security deposit if you’re renting. If you can afford a more permanent change, adding toe-kick drawers and specific shelves for spices, pans, and lids is a good investment to DIY upgrade kitchen cabinets as well.

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