Do It Yourself

Cabinets are usually installed by professional contractors, builders or designers. If you want to install your own cabinets, here are the important steps.

Design Your Kitchen

Decide on a kitchen shape.  L Shape, U Shape, Galley, with Kitchen Island, etc.  Or make up your own letter!  For great examples visit our Gallery.  We also encourage adventurous DIYers to learn Cabinet Vision.  Use the free version and design your kitchen.


RTA Cabinet Shapes and Wood Selection

Visit our Ready To Assemble cabinets for the various options such as one drawer with 2 doors or a single door, etc.  Then choose a size and wood from our most popular options.  If you want further customization, more color choices, odd sizes then visit our custom shop to learn more.  Either you will work with a designer or you will become the designer.


Order and Quick Assemble

Our cabinets will ship to you in flat packaging and is ready to assemble.  No need for screws and glue.  Anyone that has installed furniture from cheap super stores knows the pain of assembly.  We’ve fixed that.