What does a custom kitchen cabinet set cost?

$700 Custom

Per Box Avg

For a basic size kitchen, Americans spend between $10,000 and $20,000 for a custom cabinet set.  The main variable that affects the cost is the wood selection. At Hesti, we strive for high quality and affordable products. We don’t want to sell the cheapest woods in the market.  Buy a quality product that will last longer and look greater.

Kitchen Renovation costs

According to BankRate.com, the largest expense in renovating your kitchen are kitchen cabinets.  Choosing your kitchen cabinets is the most important step in the renovation process.  And it yields the highest return on investment. We’ve heard stories from customers that they were able to gain more than double their kitchen investment in equity by swapping out the old style shaker cabinets with modern frameless style cabinets.

Kitchen Renovation Costs Percentage Breakdown

How do Hesti cabinets compare to furniture superstores?

It doesn’t.  Companies that sound like “why kea” don’t make custom cabinets.  They sell off the shelf, try to install it yourself, low density press particle board.  It’s a good option for bottom line pricing and short term staged environments. But if you want a kitchen that is still standing year after year, go with quality.